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        Part 3 - Defeat Dr. Lazy Bones!

        Settings and Help

        Background Music

        Turn on/off or adjust the volume of the background music playing in the games.

        Part 1

        Help Zak rescue the superheroes who have been captured by the evil Dr. Lazy Bones! Watch your mission video:

        Part 2

        Now it's time to capture the baddies! Watch your mission video:

        Part 3

        Now it's time to defeat Dr. Lazy Bones! You will chase him across the planet; through tropical beaches, airports and the Wild West to be championed the ultimate hero of reading and spelling!

        Key Button

        During the game, the key takes you back to the level page.

        On the level page, the key takes you to the level selection page.

        Zak Button

        Tap Zak's face to repeat the last sound, word or game instructions.

        Play a Game Tap on a skill button to reveal the games. Tap on the game in the game bar to play. Once a game has been completed and unlocked, you can repeat it at any time.

        Star Points

        Complete a game to win Star Points, then tap Zak when he appears within a game for bonus points. Your total can be found on the level page.


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